The Team



The Story

Color13 (pronounced: color-treize) was formed in 2013 from a shared passion for design, tennis and padel . The goal was to create high-quality goods about our love for  that we would want to own ourselves.

We grew Color13 by working late nights and weekends creating designs, developing the online store, organising logistics and testing printing techniques on a lot of t-shirt types. Gradually the knowledge of the brand spread through word of mouth.


About our Products

Quality is our number one priority at Color13. That is why we paid special attention on the choice of our products. As a result, Color13 clothes are perfectly cut, wash resistant and suitable for casual wear as well as sportswear. To guarantee  top quality, we ran in depth tests on several brands to check the level of resistance, washing and printing.


About Design Process

Rather than following the “traditional” model of starting a T-shirt business, only using 2/3 designs, we preferred to create as many different variations as our imagination allows us. To do this, we print piece by piece in order to reduce the amount of stock and minimise risk.

With this philosophy, we are able to offer a virtually unlimited number of products. The flip side is that we have to spend much more time in the production of our t-shirts than our competitors (approximately 10-15 minutes per item).


About the Printing Process

The machines used by Color13 are European. We are equipped with a cutting plotter for preparing the printable material (made by a German manufacturer) and a pneumatic heat press double worktop (made by a French manufacturer).

Unlike many companies offering custom products of the same type, we can guarantee consistent quality thanks to our investment in machinery, tooling and fabrics.


About the Packaging

Tennis ball tubes are used for our packaging since the launch of the brand. Initially all our shirts were packed in this way, but given the increasing number of orders, we can no longer afford it. Unfortunately the tubes takes up a lot space for storage and it has become almost impossible to use them in every order. Tubes are now an additional option at checkout (2 €). However our tee-shirts have gone down in overall price to reflect the change in packaging. We advise you to choose packaging option for your gifts, wow factor guaranteed :)